Abortion is a very controversial subject worldwide.  Misinformation about abortion has created a culture of secrecy and shame for women who went through this experience.  This stigma is everywhere; you will find it in the media, in hospitals where abortion is not part of their routine services, and you will find it in the policies and laws restricting access to abortion services.

Women who had an abortion do not speak freely about this experience for fear of being judged and criticized.  In many countries having an abortion is a criminal act.  Women need to leave their country to get an abortion.  When they are found out, they can be prosecuted as a criminal.  Better to tell no one and feel alone and isolated in your decision to terminate a pregnancy.

Imagine if women can be outspoken about their abortion, their feelings, why they decided on an abortion, why they thought, or new, that it was the only option they could take; they could share this wisdom that may benefit other women going through the same ordeal.

Abortion is a more common experience for women worldwide than you may think.  There is a lot of reasons why a woman will decide to undergo an abortion, some medical, others more about the realities of their life.  However, the stigma and shame that will follow stay almost the same, if you had an abortion or if you continued with the pregnancy.