Abortion Facts

Many people do not understand that abortion, and a woman’s right to choose is matters of public health concern.

Surprising Facts about Abortion:

  1. Abortion is a quite common occurrence; but because abortion has a highly stigmatized reputation, people do not feel comfortable to speak out about having one. Your best friend might have had one, and you would not know.  There are lots of myths surrounding abortion.  Women of all races, all ages, and different religions have gone and, are getting, and are going to get abortions.
  2. Childbirth is 14 times more deadly than an abortion; the further the pregnancy is along, the higher the risk of dying as a result of an abortion. Less than one in every one hundred thousand women might die from an abortion, legally performed by a professional.  It is also very unlikely that an abortion will affect a woman’s fertility.
  3. Many do not regret their choice of having an abortion; feeling regret is always a possibility, but definitely not the norm. Relief is what is normally felt.  Even though the eventual decision was difficult to very difficult, more than 99% of women that had abortions, felt it has been the right decision.
  4. Foetuses do not feel pain when aborted; the part of the brain that registers pain does not exist before the 28th week or third trimester. Most abortions take place before the 21st week of the pregnancy.
  5. The abortion pill and the morning after pill are not the same thing; the morning after pill is taken after having unprotected sex to avoid becoming pregnant. It cannot do anything if you are already pregnant, whereas, the abortion pill is prescribed to end an already existing pregnancy.
  6. Even though abortion is legalised in most countries, it is still extremely difficult to get an abortion in certain places; lawmakers are still determined to disregard the choices a woman has when considering an abortion. Doctors performing abortions can also be charged for criminal actions.
  7. People that need an abortion are not always irresponsible or sleeping around; people can also forget to take a few pills, or a condom broke. The incorrect and inconsistent use of birth control makes up a rather large percentage of unintended and unwanted pregnancies.

The earlier an abortion can be performed, the safer and easier it will be.  Ideally, it should take place within the first 9 weeks of the pregnancy.  Deciding to take the step is a difficult decision.